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LEROS Engine Propels the Juno Spacecraft on Its Historic Voyage to Jupiter

NIAGARA FALLS, NY, Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --

AMPAC-ISP CORP., American Pacific Corporation's (NASDAQ®: APFC) wholly-owned in-space propulsion subsidiary (AMPAC-ISP), is proud to play a key role in propelling the Juno spacecraft which recently launched on its five year voyage to Jupiter. The Juno spacecraft will carry out the first in-depth study of the giant planet including, but not limited to: investigating the existence of an ice-rock core, determining the amount of global water and ammonia present in the atmosphere, studying convection and deep wind profiles in the atmosphere, investigating the origin of the Jovian magnetic field and exploring the polar magnetosphere


Juno uses a LEROS 1B Bipropellant Engine, developed and manufactured at AMPAC-ISP's Westcott UK division, with final testing at their Niagara Falls, New York facility. The engine is configured for 640N of thrust and burns Hydrazine and MON-3 propellants and is used for major maneuvers of the spacecraft. The engine will be fired a number of times during the 1.74 billion-mile, five-year mission, including for orbit insertion around Jupiter in August 2016.

The LEROS 1 series has been used for a variety of interplanetary missions including Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, the NEAR asteroid mission and most recently was responsible for the successful insertion of the NASA Messenger spacecraft into orbit around Mercury. More than seventy (70) LEROS 1 series engines have been delivered and flown successfully.

"AMPAC-ISP is proud to be part of another pioneering space mission," said Robert Huebner, American Pacific Corporation, Vice President - AMPAC-ISP. "The LEROS family continues to be the engine of choice for the exploration of our solar system and we look forward to supporting future missions."


AMPAC-ISP Corp. (AMPAC-ISP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Pacific Corporation, manufactures monopropellant and bipropellant liquid propulsion systems and thrusters for satellites, launch vehicles and interceptors. Additionally, AMPAC-ISP designs, develops and manufactures high performance valves, pressure regulators, cold-gas propulsion systems, and precision structures for space applications, especially in the European space market. Additional information about us can be obtained by visiting our web site at

AMPAC-ISP's European operations are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and its manufacturing facilities are in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Additional information about AMPAC-ISP Europe can be obtained by visiting


American Pacific Corporation (AMPAC) is a leading custom manufacturer of fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and propulsion products within its focused markets. We supply active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced intermediates to the pharmaceutical industry. For the aerospace and defense industry we provide specialty chemicals used in solid rocket motors for space launch and military missiles. AMPAC also designs and manufactures liquid propulsion systems, valves and structures for space and missile defense applications. We produce clean agent chemicals for the fire protection industry, as well as electro-chemical equipment for the water treatment industry. Our products are designed to meet customer specifications and often must meet certain governmental and regulatory approvals. Additional information about us can be obtained by visiting our web site at

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