It is the policy of American Pacific to implement and maintain a Management System which will assure our ability to reliably supply our customers with the highest quality material and services available. The objective of the System is to provide the means to produce products which consistently exceed customer expectations, prevent pollution, injury, and ill health. This will be achieved by continually improving our products, services, and complying with applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements. Doing this supports our goal of becoming our customer's most valued supplier.

We will:
  • Strive to exceed customer expectations with regard to value and responsiveness in addition to product quality.
  • Operate as a disciplined, process-oriented, organization.
  • Implement appropriate risk-assessed improvement opportunities in order to improve alignment with the needs of the customer and company objectives.
  • Reduce variability through the implementation of, and actions implied by, appropriate tools.
  • Foster a relationship of trust with customers, suppliers, and community neighbors.
  • Strive to become the supplier of choice by helping our customers and suppliers thrive in the marketplace through the sharing of best practices, contract compliance, and partnerships.
  • Maintain compliance with Federal, State, local, and other requirements.
  • Conduct regular review of objectives, programs, and policies in an effort to better facilitate compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Operate in a manner which minimizes and prevents pollution of the environment while promoting safety, wellness, and good health amongst employees and their families.
  • Endeavor to provide an environment of employee trust which values diversity, empowerment, competency, open communication, accountability, safety, environmental responsibility, teamwork, training, personal growth, achievement, and recognition by meeting organizational expectations.
  • Make the Policy available to interested parties including, but not limited to, the general public, State, and Federal departments/agencies.
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