American Pacific's Commitment
  • Clean air, water and earth.
  • A safe home and workplace.
  • A vital and flourishing environment.

These are objectives that are common to most people. We are committed to enhancing a clean, safe and healthy environment. Environmental awareness and protection are among our highest priorities.

Built on these core values, American Pacific carries this commitment to each of the communities we impact, touching the lives of people every day, through our employees, our facilities, our many sponsorship programs and the community activities we support. Strong communities are essential for our development, and that of our local economies.

The communities we operate within hold some of the keys to our success. And with our success comes mutual success, a sustainable and strong workforce, infrastructure and a commitment to the future. Together we are driven, together we build up our communities, and with our firm commitment, together we are strong.

Environmental Statement
Educational Involvement & Community Activities

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