American Azide
American Azide is the sole North American manufacturer of sodium azide, a chemical with uses as an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry as well as other applications.

American Azide began producing sodium azide at
American Pacific's southern Utah manufacturing facilities in 1993.
This facility is ISO 9001-2015 certified and its capabilities also
include sodium amide and other sodium-based product

About Sodium Azide

Sodium azide (formula: NaN3) is used primarily as an intermediate in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Sodium azide has also been used as a component in the gas generators used to inflate certain automotive airbag safety systems, providing the source of nitrogen gas necessary to inflate the bag instantaneously.

Sodium azide is sold according to a variety of customer specifications. American Azide has the ability to adapt production processes to meet customer needs. We offer unique particle and container sizes. Customers have the option of visiting our facility in Cedar City, Utah, for training on the use and handling of the product. Please contact us for complete details.

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American Azide

American Azide

10622 West 6400 North
Cedar City, Utah 84721 USA
Tel: +1 435 865 5000
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Typical Properties of Sodium Azide

Note: Sodium azide is a solid powder that is classified as a poison.
Formula: NaN3
Molecular Weight: 65.01
Assay Min.: 99.5%
Moisture: Max. 0.05%
Particle Size (avg.): 140 – 250µ

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Sodium Azide
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